"What Do You Think I Want?" 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors w legs

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Reality Girls Scissors
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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:22 min
and long legs -- powerful from years playing volleyball -- her aggressiveness, her humor combine with her stunningly beautiful face, which stuns everyone who first sees it and then thereafter. Her bright white and perfect smile flashes as she waits for Charles to crawl from his hallway and face her. She puts her foot on his throat lording over him, telling him not to move his throat or shell flatten it. She yells at him from above, then drops her knees full weight onto him -- into a standing double heel choke the beauty asks what she has to do to make the sub cry. She takes his back and cinches on her beautiful her rear naked choke, a natural at the hold, she will own people with it as here with the veteran pain taker; She bends her foot in his mouth, grabbing his jaw; she presses her big sole down onto his neck. She humiliates him shoving his sock into his mouth and again smiling her perfect smile yelling at him to Try! in her side headscissors, again flashing her wave-crashing smile as she drains his energy with her legs. The camera closeup to Annas face feels tazed; its above her as shes on her back barking orders at Charles for not leaning into her gagging him with her feet, yelling at him for his lip quivering, for opening his mouth wrong, and making...