Slave To Themselves: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors sleeper hold reverse headlock

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Reality Girls Scissors
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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:26 min
here, as they alternately tear through and taunt older woman Steph in stunning action, comprising a painful and humiliating 26 minutes for the sub wrecked by the two young and beautiful Reality Girls passing the camera between them. Steph hates the suffering. She fights back and annoys girls; but she still shows up to repeatedly tap and suffer under them, as here in wrenching headscissors from achingly hot blonde Tyler Lynn -- the Psychotic Angel -- one of submission holds fastest rising stars; and as Elina -- the porcelain beauty with the movie star eyes and ruthless headscissors, hurts and humiliates Steph in rear naked chokes, headscissors, her Figure 8, throatsits -- as they hurt the girl. Tyler Lynn rocks on her brutal straight rear headscissors, painful throatsits high up on her neck she drives her pelvis into, as she taunts Steph through the pain. Almost as much as the pain, Steph hates the humiliation; she hates Tylers taunting and mocking her. Elina -- often a silent powerhouse, has Steph in part to thank for busting out her verbal cruelty. Double scissorholds before they take the camera and Steph to themselves -- Elina humiliates and controls her as Tyler tells the lumbering girl to get up calling her pathetic. Tyler lets out a celebratory yeah as Elina laces on her figure four headscissors. Elina laughs at her attempts to get free. Tyler points out her pitiful, kicking legs that always crack her up. Elina dominates Steph in relentless headscissors with the brilliant Tyler Lynns camera in her face, then passes her head to Tyler to show off her own camera skills as Tyler continues taunting the woman, rocking on on throatscissors Tyler says she thinks she heard Steph say feel good. Straight headscissors from the former competitive cheerleader, Americas newest session wrestler with the gruesome rear naked choke and rear headscissors so feared Harry recently begged out of her applying it. Tyler gets into Stephs mind. The blonde has Veronica Lakes bone structure and, at a matching height of 56 -- the near perfect...