Belly button worship saves the relationship (HD) – Bondagio f gag collar

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Length:21 min
us to do something different, something exciting. Im tired of the same old routine.  Fiddler, who was madly in love with Patty, immediately sensed her unease and understood the importance of keeping their relationship fresh and exciting. He thought long and hard about how to inject some adventure into their lives.  After a few days of contemplation, Fiddler came up with a playful idea that would surprise Patty and, he hoped, rekindle the fire in their relationship. He decided to incorporate his secret affection into the mix, something he had never shared with anyone before.  One evening, he warned Patty ‘’Wear something sexy and don’t be afraid of anything”  Patty, intrigued and excited, came into the living room and changes the clothes.   After some time Fiddler sneaks and grab Patty from behind. She tries to stay calm, but her heart is pounding.  Fiddler ties Petty’s hands and tights, so he has all the access to the belly. His secret affection is about to be unveiled. He puts panties a little bit down, passionately trace the abs with the tongue, getting closer to a bellybutton. He penetrates it hard with his fingers, making Patty scream. Grabs a nipple clamp and plays with it and a navel for a good amount of time. He rubs, squeeze, slaps the belly with palms, eating it whole with open mouth and enjoys every second of this delightful torment.  After a long time, Fiddler finally...