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Length:17 min
some of your colleagues, Jason was stunned with the news and he didnt know what to say. Mandy then continues in a threatening angry voice: What! Are you surprised!? So you dont recall harassing the girls in the office, walking around telling them what you would do to their asses and what they should do to your cock!? You thought this wont reach me!
Jason starts shaking and doesnt even know what to say, then Mandy shouts at him: There is no need to keep talking to you, you are already fired! Get the fuck out!. Jason was shocked and started begging Mandy to not fire him as he really needs his job and cannot afford to lose it, telling her that he will do anything to make it up to her and the rest of the girls.
Mandy smiles and tells him: So you are the pathetic bitch, that I thought you would be! I have an offer for you, you will keep your job but you wont be doing the same tasks you used to do, Jason got scared and asked her what she will have him do.
Mandy had an evil smirk on her face, then she stood up and told him: Well you are gonna be our Full time Office Bitch now! Then she shouted at...