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is even more amusing. They pull and push him around, laughing at his insignificant size and weakness as they make fun of it. They spit in his mouth, slap him around, and pick him up, directing him to lick their Amazonian Goddesses, like Amazonia and Ema, are towering Amazonian Goddesses that humiliate small men with their meanness. They caged one of them today and humiliated him entirely in French, so he wouldnt understand what was happening. Even worse, the two mean dominant women are making fun of him for being so weak and insignificant. They spit at him, slap at him, and lift him up so he can lick their fingers.
Damazonia and Ema are towering Amazonian Goddesses who are rather mean when it comes to humiliating small men. Today they caged one and will be humiliating him entirely in French so he doesnt understand anything. Even funnier for the two mean dominant women. They pull and push...