Rejection Arousal Conditioning For Rejection Junkies rejection brat girls

Rejection Arousal Conditioning For Rejection Junkies rejection brat girlsRejection Arousal Conditioning For Rejection Junkies rejection brat girlsTo find more videos from
Humiliation POV
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Studio:Humiliation POV
Length:8 minutes
You will try to be normal and fuck other women, but when you do, youll see that your dick is soft. Youll see that its hopeless and youll find yourself crawling back to femdom because its the only way your cock will ever be able to get hard ever again. You see your brain has already been destroyed by femdom. Theres nothing you can do about it. So you might try and date and fuck, but there you will find nothing but rejection. Girls will laugh at you for being so socially awkward from spending years jerking off behind your computer screen with little social interaction. Girls will reject you and laugh at you because your cock wont be able to get hard for them. Youve become so pathetic and now nobody wants to fuck you. All of this time spent jerking off alone has completely broken you. Your cock and your mind have forever been corrupted. You will be rejected by women over and over again, and then youll see those same girls out on dates with other guys like probably the very next day lol. And Im about to condition you and manipulate your weak brain to make you feel more and more inferior so that cycle of rejection by women will continue for you. I want the intensity of rejection to grow inside of you, every time you try and approach a girl. But heres the best part, every time you get rejected, your cock is going to get hard. LOL! And this will only make you more awkward and soon you will crave rejection as it will become your only sexual...