Daisey Gets Feet Rubbed – Sweet Southern Feet SSF t foot massage

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Studio:Sweet Southern Feet SSF
Length:20 min
on the computer when her sneaky crush sneaks into the office. From behind she watches her work while noticing her dressed in white shoes. She slowly slips out of her keds and Lynn takes advantage. Her wrinkly bare soles are rubbed all over by her crush, and Jamie is impressed, since she knows her crush has an eye for her. Daisey receives a great massage from her and just might be enamored with her! Suddenly, Daisey is watching her work from behind, as she sees her in her white shoes, while shes finishing her work on the computer. Lynn sees her sneakily slipping out of her keds, as she slowly makes her way to her feet. As Daisey gets the best massage, she might just have a crush on Daisey too. She rubs up and down her wrinkly bare soles, and Jamie is impressed she knows her crush likes her. Daisey is finishing up some work on the...