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the camera view should switch between a level full body shot, the floor shot of the dress and cloak piling up, and an upper aerial view of the bride slowly melting into the ground (aerial shots can be achieved with a footstool for the camera person). Once she gets down to her knees in a sitting position her arms retract into her dress so that the sleeves fall with no arms within. After her arms disappear, then her head begins to go underneath the skirt of her dress while the cloak attempts to stay on top of her. This dress is covering my vampiric beauty she pleads. As more of her body melts into the ground, she comments that her beautiful body will melt away and all that will be left is this beautiful outfit. Her outfit slowly continues to descend to the ground as the bride is now completely covered, and it slowly falls into place (for this part, let the dress lay as it would if it fell while the bride was standing instead of laying it flat on the floor). This portion of the melting scene should focus on her struggling under her dress and cloak but her cries and moans slowly wane away as her body melts away. There also should be a full body shot of her from the outside perspective as she continues to be covered by her dress and cloak. Once her body is completely under the white dress and cloak, get a close-up of her head getting out of the pile of fabric and reaching out to you saying Why is this happening to me? I dont deserve this! Her head goes back under the dress and cloak and continues to moan in agony. Eventually, she says her last Im melting and her last breath as the body inside the dress fully disappears, the outfit falls into place, and all thats left of her is the dress, veil, and cloak. There should be a shot of the dress, veil, and cloak falling to the floor to showcase the last part of...