Vicky Vixxx – "Possessed Feet!" Ghostly Magic Control Self Foot Worship – HD 1080p – TMFetish fetish jason ninja,

Vicky Vixxx - "Possessed Feet!" Ghostly Magic Control Self Foot Worship - HD 1080p - TMFetish fetish jason ninja,To find more videos from
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after, the ghost starts to take control of her body without her noticing. Vicky is so tired and focused on TV that she is completely oblivious to her limbs moving on their own (she continues to be extremely oblivious throughout the video). Her hand moves over and gently strokes her soles, as the ghost makes her say “I should take these socks off and let my sexy feet breathe.” Vicky is confused and a little grossed out. Feet are gross; why did she say that? But she still doesn’t notice her hand moving on its own. It then takes off one of her socks and goes back to her face, where it gently pries her mouth open and stuffs the sock in. Vicky doesn’t notice any of this.   Her hand then goes back to her sockless foot and starts eagerly playing with it. It plays with her soles and toes, and also gently tickles her feet. The ghost likes seeing her feet scrunch and wiggle. Vicky giggles at the tickling, but doesn’t notice what’s happening right away. When she does soon notice, she first notices the tickling and is weirded out, but then notices the sock in her mouth and is disgusted. She spits out the sock, wondering how the hell that happened. Vicky complains about how sweaty and gross her feet are. She does not want to be touching them.   After she goes back to the TV, her hands move again. They bring her other socked foot up to her face. The ghost says “I bet these feet smell amazing”. Vicky doesn’t hear this. Her hands press her face into her toes and soles and make her take deep breaths. It then makes her shove this sock into her mouth and rub her nyloned foot all around on her face. Finally, Vicky notices again and freaks out, spitting the sock out. “What is wrong with me?” She says, “My feet are so sweaty.” Suddenly, she hears herself say “I’ve been waiting all day for...